Meet Our DJ's

Rich has been a Wedding MC & DJ for over 20 years now, playing at 50 weddings each year. His warm and friendly demeanor lends perfectly to his MC style, and he reads a dancefloor as well as anyone we know.

Nick Javier

Jeremy Burgess

Rich Carlson

Rich has been a Pro DJ for 20 years now, playing at 40 weddings each year. His easy, fun-loving attitude make him perfect for entertaining at weddings. He is a great MC, which makes guests feel at ease as he rocks the dancefloor!

Jeremy, or JB as his friends call him, has been performing at weddings all over California for nearly 20 years. You may have also heard him on your favorite radio station. He's worked at great stations like 100.5 The Zone, 107-9 The End, and 103.9 The Fish. He brings a fun, up beat, club-style energy to all of his events.

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