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the five most popular questions...and my answers!

can we suggest what music we want and like?

how do you describe your style?

what if you get too sick to work?

can we add a photobooth or lighting after we book?

we don't want our guests to be bored, how can we avoid that?

Yes you can! We spend quite a bit of planning time focused in on your fav's for cocktail hour, dinner and of course...your danceparty.

I would say that I'm first a story-telling host/emcee, and a DJ who rocks the hits. I combine clever ways to entertain guests with killer tunes!

You can add any of our add-on features along the way, without any pressure at all.

Although I've never missed one, in the event I am too ill, one of our experienced teammembers would grab our notes and fill in.

I present you with a ton of great ideas which I've found to successfully entertain guests, and combined with your ideas, we design your evening based upon your choices.


It all began when I took my stereo to a house party when I was just 19 years old. I couldn't believe my eyes! People rocked out to the tunes I was playin'. I was hooked! My name is Joe. I'm the owner and creative behind SJ's Disc Jockey.
I continued playing at parties, which led to spinning in local clubs. Then, weddings began calling. Now that was a whole new thing. Although I was learning my way around a wedding, I was soooooo shy that I just couldn't grab a mic and handle 200 eyeballs staring at me. 

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a little about me

I fought my way past that, and now I simply love the art of storytelling. Nothing fulfills me more than collaborating with YOU, learning your history, understanding your vision, then crafting an evening where you marry & celebrate, and through music and storytelling, we make guests laugh, cry, engage + party in a way that they haven't quite done before.

what's my jam?

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basset hounds
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i am passionate about WEDDINGS

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Music....I really feel that if you help contribute to the soundtrack of the evening, we will be that much more successful. If we encourage guests to request, they will be far more likely to dance. If we create a program which involves and entertains, it'll be a wedding that they've never experienced before.


We never charge for setup, fees are only for performance time.
4 hours - 1795
Additional Hourly - 250
2nd Sound System - 200
Wireless Sound Zone (to fill a remote area) - 100

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dj | emcee

Uplighting a space can target a specific area or light the entire room.
The range is from 200-500

Wow your guests by sharing your first dance on low lying clouds!

Imagine a Sparkler Pyrotechnic effect as the backdrop to your
First Dance.....your Grand Entrance....and your Sparkler Exit!
Four Fixtures is 400 

We can project your last name Initial or a custom design on any surface.
100 or 300

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spark fx

dance on
the clouds

An artistic 7-8 minute cinematic highlight film of the entire ceremony starting with getting ready, then intertwining special moments from the ceremony all the way through the danceparty. We truly believe in crafting films that are authentic to a couple's journey throughout their wedding day, staying true to every laugh, tear and crazy moment!

2 Filmmakers
All Day Coverage
Aerial drone footage of the amazing location (if applicable)
Cinematic highlight shot and delivered in 4k via online download within 12 weeks

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cinematic highlight film

preview coming soon

We sincerely love PhotoBooths, and here is what ours include.

Full Experience Booth  -  799
First and foremost, our booth is unique in that along with printed photostrips, your guests get to leave you recorded video messages, which our couples absolutely love! We offer you funny 'sign' props, a memories scrapbook, a cool backdrop, a custom designed monogram for the photostrips, two-printed strips per session and a super friendly attendant to make things run just right.

Photo Kiosk  -  599
Don't need all of the bells + whistles? We have an answer for that, our photo printing kiosk. Our kiosk prints two-strips per session, we custom design your monogram, an attendant is present, and guests can use it as much as they want. Feel free to BYO props! Add a backdrop for 99.

Our booths print two photostrips for each session. If you would like everyone to get strips, an extra 100 covers the entire evening.

Click here to see our available backdrops.

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Our popular ringlight style

Brand your booth for 100

So here's the story...Gabby and Connor (left) asked me to be their officiant for their October 2018 wedding. It was my first, and I jumped at the opportunity! I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous and anxious. Having heard over 3,000 ceremonies over my career, I began to ask myself, how can I make their ceremony consistent with the rest of my brand; personal, fun and meaningful.

I setup a lunch with them and opened up conversation about them as individuals, as a couple, about their families, and anything else that might contribute to my work. I then chatted with them privately, and I got some awesome material! Then, I asked for 10 phones numbers of friends & family. I spoke to them all over the next week, and had everything I needed to craft a ceremony that was like no other their guests had ever heard. There was no, "Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind, or These Are The Hands Of Your Best Friend.' Every word was written from scratch, carefully constructed in a way that would draw guests into the experience, weaving together their unique story along with emotion and some levity, without ever forgetting the significance of the occasion.

The result was overwhelming. so much so that I have decided to accept only 10 ceremonies for the each season. Intrigued? Contact me here.

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choose your favorite backdrop!

Full Experience Booth -  Backdrop Included
PhotoKiosk - 99 Upgrade
Custom Backdrops Can Be Designed - 300

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choose your favorite backdrop!


our ceremony includes wireless lapel mics and perfectly timed music for your procession and Newlywed exit. These are your choices, and we even discuss timing....because your entrance must be accompanied by just the right music crescendo.

etup begins 2 hours before anyone arrives. We're set wherever sound needs to be, so there's no moving gear once your event begins.



ocktail hour. We invite your input on just the right set of tunes to complement the joy in the house.



rand Entrances...we love them!! Most just introduce the wedding party to music. Imagine creatively introducing them to a few choice phrases which will make them blush...and have your guests in stitches. We have amazing ideas to share, you'll see!


e have some pretty cool ways to engage guests during meal service, toasts and danceparty. A little creativity + humor go a long way.


icture this...we have your guests gathered around your dancefloor. I then tell a story....about how you both secretly recorded your thoughts about each other, sent them over, and I remixed those thoughts into your first dance. And, you share it with each other, and your guests, for the very first time. It's an amazing moment that we plan for in advance, only if you're into it!


anceparty! We dim the lights, fire up our dancefloor lights and ask your guests to party with you until the very end. We love a fav's list, we love a 'no way' list, and we encourage guests' requests. We know how to throw a party!!

planning is such a collaborative process. we gather a month prior to wedding day, and craft your event around 


We setup super early and provide sound wherever needed.

We play your special ceremony choices and provide lapel microphones.

Cocktail hour music is always provided, as well as dinner music.

Along with a custom crafted soundtrack, we fancy ourselves as pretty darn cool emcees, and love to create a 'community' experience.

The danceparty includes your list of fav's, your 'no way' list and your guest requests.

Let's do this!

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2022-23 wedding fees

Our fees begin when music begins. We do not charge for setup or takeaway.
Our agreements require a 200 retainer.
Balance is due on wedding day.

|  music  |
four hours of dj | emcee
each add-on hour
ceremony separate sound system
additional wireless sound zone






|  photobooths  |
full photobooth experience
printing booth w.attendant

details: full experience includes props, 8x8 backdrop, attendant, scrapbook, video messages, up to 5 hours, monogram design, photostrips & digital download link.
kiosk includes up to 5 hours, attendant, monogram, photostrips & download link.

|  audio video  |
pro slideshow creation with screen/projector
big screen & projector for clients' show
video dj booth w.50" integrated tv

|  daily rentals  |
Neon Sign Rental
Neon 'Name-Sign' Purchase

|  lights  |
led battery powered uplights (each)
custom monogram projection
'initial' monogram spotlight projection
cold spark fountains

lightng quotes based upon maximizing effect for your venue



He takes the time to understand you, as a couple, and what you want out of your special day. from there, he gives you incredible ideas and helps make the day authentic to you.

Kind Words
On Yelp

missy & matt

a monte verde inn wedding


one thing that was so special about joe is that he makes you feel like your event is the only one he is working on and he truly cares

kara & craig

a monte verde inn wedding

we raved!

overall, what really makes joe stand out among other dj's is that he has so much to offer in addition to amazing music! he is full of one-of-a-kind ideas.

patricia & michael

a forest house lodge wedding



I really feel as if the best way to see if we 'fit' is to open up a chat. The next step would be to potentially Zoom, setup a phone chat or meetup at my Studio, where we can casually share vision, styles, ideas and more.


joe kalamaras     916.300.3300     joe@sjsdiscjockey.com

Thank you!

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